Leadership and Executive Staff

The Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost provides the guiding vision and framework for the overall academic leadership and administrative management of the university. Our mission is to administer programs and policies that benefit academic staff, faculty and students, and to foster collaborations among campus colleagues that will enhance and broaden academic life at the university.

Under the leadership of the provost, the Office of the Provost staff has broad responsibility over numerous campus-wide initiatives, and facilitates and supports the wide array of academic programs and services offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

View the office’s organizational chart organizational chart and the list of units that report to the provost.

Chief of Staff and Vice Provosts

Lois Brooks

Position title: Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Email: lois.brooks@wisc.edu

Lisa Carter

Position title: Vice Provost for Libraries and University Librarian

Email: lisa.carter@wisc.edu

LaVar Charleston

Position title: Deputy Vice Chancellor for Diversity & Inclusion, Vice Provost and Chief Diversity Officer, and Elzie Higginbottom Director of the Division of Diversity, Equity, & Educational Achievement (DDEEA)

Email: chiefdiversityofficer@cdo.wisc.edu

Jenny Faust

Position title: Associate Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives, and Director, Office of Strategic Consulting

Email: jenny.faust@wisc.edu

Eden Inoway-Ronnie

Position title: Chief of Staff

Email: eden.inowayronnie@wisc.edu

Derek Kindle

Position title: Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Email: derek.kindle@wisc.edu

Beth Meyerand

Position title: Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs

Email: memeyerand@wisc.edu

Jocelyn Milner

Position title: Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, and Director, Academic Planning and Institutional Research

Email: jocelyn.milner@wisc.edu

Jennifer Noyes

Position title: Vice Provost for Academic Operations

Email: jennifer.noyes@wisc.edu

Guido Podestá

Position title: Vice Provost, and Dean, International Division

Email: gpodesta@international.wisc.edu

Kelly Rupp

Position title: Assistant Vice Provost for Faculty and Staff Affairs

Email: kelly.rupp@wisc.edu

Jeffrey Russell

Position title: Vice Provost for Lifelong Learning, and Dean, Division of Continuing Studies

Email: jeffrey.russell@wisc.edu

John Zumbrunnen

Position title: Vice Provost for Teaching & Learning

Email: zumbrunnen@wisc.edu


Carole Kolb

Position title: Administrative Search Coordinator

Email: carole.kolb@wisc.edu

Catherine Reiland

Position title: Director, Wisconsin Idea Seminar & Dual Career Assistance Program

Email: catherine.reiland@wisc.edu

Chris Walker

Position title: Director, Division of the Arts

Email: director@arts.wisc.edu

Assistants to the Provost

Jill Gower

Position title: Administrative Assistant

Email: jill.gower@wisc.edu

Jennifer Hanrahan

Position title: Executive Staff Assistant

Email: jennifer.hanrahan@wisc.edu

Phoua Holt

Position title: Program Assistant

Email: phoua.holt@wisc.edu

Laurie Leininger

Position title: University Executive Staff Assistant

Email: laurie.leininger@wisc.edu