Aerial view of UW-Madison campus

Welcome! The Office of the Provost provides the guiding vision and framework for UW-Madison's academic leadership and administrative management.

Meet the Provost

The Office of the Provost provides leadership to advance the academic and administrative goals of the campus, including efforts to ensure the fulfillment of the Wisconsin Idea in the state of Wisconsin and beyond.


Advancing the craft of teaching

Formed in 2021, the Center for Teaching, Learning & Mentoring (CTLM) partners with instructors at all career stages and with units across campus to enhance learning for all students.

Yaa Klu, teaching faculty in the Department of Food Science, speaks to a group seated at a round table as Amy Holevas, an instructional design supervisor in CTLM, takes notes during a CTLM workshop.

Wisconsin RISE Initiative

The Wisconsin Research, Innovation and Scholarly Excellence (RISE) Initiative is designed to help address significant, complex challenges of particular importance to Wisconsin and the world.

Tehshik Yoon (right), associate professor of chemistry, holds a discussion with graduate research assistant Travis Blum (left) and research associate Dani Schultz in a lab at UW-Madison

Diversity Framework

UW-Madison's Diversity Framework is a working document conceived to ensure that recommended action steps regarding diversity, inclusion and climate are put into place on campus.

Wisconsin Experience

The Wisconsin Experience is UW-Madison’s vision for the total student experience, which combines learning in and out of the classroom. It is tied to the Wisconsin Idea and steeped in our long-standing institutional values.

Graduate students studying water resources engineering and science, collect data and water samples from Lake Mendota near the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus