UW-Madison Highly Prestigious Award Recipients

The work of UW-Madison faculty and researchers has been acknowledged by a number of outside organizations including those designated as “highly prestigious” by the National Research Council. These awards honor outstanding achievements, extraordinary originality, innovative research, field leadership, human knowledge advancement and the betterment of society.

Select an organization below to view the list of UW-Madison faculty and researchers who have earned a highly prestigious award from that body. Learn more about The National Academies’ distinctions.

wdt_ID Organization Total UW-Madison Members List of UW-Madison Members
1 National Academy of Engineering 20
2 National Academy of Medicine 13
3 National Academy of Sciences 39
31 Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research Fellowship 48
32 American Academy of Arts and Sciences 68
33 American Council of Learned Societies Mellon Fellowship 9
34 American Dairy Science Association Award of Honor 2
35 American Historical Association Albert J. Beveridge Award 2
36 American Mathematical Society George David Birkhoff Prize in Applied Mathematics 1
37 American Philosophical Society 5
38 American Phytopathological Society Award of Distinction 1
39 American Society for Horticultural Science Hall of Fame 1
40 American Society of Plant Biologists Stephen Hales Prize 1
41 Behavior Genetics Association Dobzhansky Prize 1
42 Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences Residency 19
43 David and Lucile Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering 10
44 Franklin Institute Bolton L. Corson Medal 1
45 History of Science Society Sarton Medal 1
46 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigators 4
47 National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship 11
48 American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship 62
49 Guggenheim Fellowship 112
50 Robert Wood Johnson Policy Fellowship 3
51 MacArthur Fellowship 5
52 National Academy of Education 6
53 National Academy of Engineering Arthur M. Bueche Award 1
54 National Academy of Public Administration Fellowship 2
55 American Antiquarian Society NEH Fellow 2
56 Woodrow Wilson Center Fellow 1
57 Franklin Institute Benjamin Franklin Medal 1
58 American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal 2
59 National Humanities Center Fellowship 4

*Note: Member lists include all living members including emeritus faculty and staff. The primary department is listed for members with a position in more than one department.