2018 guide to safe learning and work environment

The Spring 2018 Guide to Creating and Maintaining a Safe Learning and Work Environment at UW-Madison: Responsibilities, Resources, and Reporting Requirements, shares important information about how the campus community can work together to create a safe learning and work environment for all members of the Badger community. Every employee makes a difference in achieving this goal through his/her own interactions with colleagues and students, and by understanding his/her role in responding to and reporting acts of criminal and non-criminal behaviors and discriminatory actions that violate policies.

Posted on the Office of Compliance’s website, the guide provides information on how to report and respond if you experience, witness or become aware of criminal behavior including sexual assault, sexual violence, and child abuse and neglect; or behavior including sexual harassment and other forms of discriminatory behavior. Additionally, the guide provides policy information on consensual relationship expectations between employees and students or employees with other employees with whom there is or could be an instructional, supervisory, or evaluative relationship. Training information and campus and community resources are also included.

In addition, please be aware that UW-Madison has adopted a specific policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence, effective January 2018. Information about this policy is included in the guide.

Questions regarding the guide can be directed to the Office of Compliance, (608) 265-6018, uwcomplianceoffice@wisc.edu.