University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wisconsin Experience

The Wisconsin Experience is UW-Madison’s vision for the total student experience, which combines learning in and out of the classroom.

Tied to the Wisconsin Idea and steeped in our long-standing institutional values – the commitment to the truth, shared participation in decision-making, and service to local and global communities – the Wisconsin Experience describes how students develop and integrate these core values across their educational experience.

Through the Wisconsin Experience, our students will engage in the following areas of intellectual and personal growth.

Empathy and Humility

Develop and demonstrate cultural understanding of self and others

Engage locally, nationally and globally in a respectful and civil manner

Appreciate and celebrate one another’s abilities, views and accomplishments

UW-Madison undergraduate students discuss election law in a class

Relentless Curiosity

Actively learn with expert instructors, scholars and peers

Engage in creative inquiry, scholarship and research

Develop resilience, and foster courage in life and learning

UW-Madison graduate students doing research on a boat on Lake Mendota

Intellectual Confidence

Develop competence, depth and expertise in a field of study

Integrate ideas and synthesize knowledge across multiple contexts

Exercise critical thinking and effective communication

Undergraduate students write answers about the human anatomy on a whiteboard

Purposeful Action

Apply knowledge and skills to solve problems

Engage in public service, partner with others and contribute to community

Lead for positive change

Students with WISCIENCE talk with a group of young visitors about the conductivity of different materials during UW Day at the Capitol