Final Exams and Summary Block

As we finalize our course syllabi for the impending semester, please plan ahead to ensure you will comply, both in spirit and in fact, with existing, faculty-designed policy governing the administration of final exams toward the end of the semester and the use of the summary period.

Please recall that for all courses numbered 699 and below, final exams and other comprehensive evaluations should not be scheduled in the final two weeks of the semester prior to the summary period. These activities need to occur during the 2-hour summary block assigned to your course. Please also remember, "where a student has more than two summary blocks scheduled within a period of 24 hours, the instructor may, within guidelines adopted by the college or school faculty, reschedule a final exam to avoid hardship." View the full text of the relevant faculty legislation.

For professional degree programs that may have unique semester and/or exam period schedules, the spirit of these rules should still be followed, including avoiding final exams or other summary activities during study periods.