University Council for Academic Affairs & Assessment (UCAAA)

The UCAAA is primarily composed of the academic associate deans who are responsible for academic affairs and related policies in each school and college. Other members include major unit directors or academic affairs liaisons representing cross-campus organizations or programs. The primary aim of the UCAAA is to support, enhance and coordinate academic and co-curricular programs and educational achievement across campus, with a focus on student learning, effective teaching and improving the educational experience of all students. The UCAAA meets periodically throughout the academic year to discuss and make recommendations related to academic policies, planning and assessment.

2016-17 Meeting Dates

Meetings will occur the second Friday of every month from 3-4:30pm.

Fall 2016

  • Sept. 9, Education Building, Room 159
  • Oct. 14, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • Nov. 11, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • Dec. 9, Bascom Hall, Room 260

Spring 2017

  • Jan. 13, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • Feb. 10, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • March 10, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • April 14, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • May 12, Bascom Hall, Room 260
  • June 9, Bascom Hall, Room 260

Current Members


  • Steve Cramer, Office of the Provost
  • Mo Bischof, Office of the Provost

School & Colleges

College of Agricultural & Life Sciences

  • Sarah Pfatteicher, Associate Dean

Wisconsin School of Business

  • Suzanne Dove, Assistant Dean
  • Ella Mae Matsumura, Professor

Division of Continuing Studies

  • Katy Duren, Associate Dean

School of Education

  • Carolyn Kelley, Senior Associate Dean

College of Engineering

  • Jake Blanchard, Associate Dean
  • Manuela Romero, Associate Dean

Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies

  • Paul Zedler, Associate Program Director

Research and Graduate Education

  • Marty Gustafson, Assistant Dean
  • Parmesh Ramanathan, Associate Dean

School of Human Ecology

  • Annette K. McDaniel, Assistant Dean

International Division

  • Richard Keller, Associate Dean

Law School

  • Kevin Kelly, Associate Dean

College of Letters & Science

  • Cal Bergman, Associate Dean
  • Nancy Westphal-Johnson, Associate Dean

School of Medicine and Public Health

  • Elizabeth Petty, Associate Dean

School of Nursing

  • Earlise Ward, Interim Associate Dean

School of Pharmacy

  • Melgardt De Villiers, Associate Dean
  • Beth Martin, Assistant Dean

School of Veterinary Medicine

  • Lynn Maki, Associate Dean


Academic Support Programs & Offices

Academic Planning and Institutional Research

  • Jocelyn Milner, Associate Vice Chancellor

Assessment, Office of the Provost

  • Regina A. Lowery, Assessment Coordinator

DoIT Academic Tecnology

  • Linda Jorn, Director, and Associate Vice Provost for Learning Technologies

Enrollment Management

  • Steve Hahn, Associate Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management
  • Scott Owczarek, Registrar

General Education

  • Elaine Klein, Associate Dean, College of Letter & Science

University Libraries

  • Leslie Moyo, Associate Director

Morgridge Center for Public Service

  • Lisa Chambers, Associate Director

Division of Student Life

  • Argyle Wade, Associate Dean

Office of Testing and Evaluation Services

  • Jim Wollack, Program Director, School of Education

Office of Undergraduate Advising

  • Wren Singer, Director