Graduate Assessment Planning

The Graduate School and the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) exercise the authority of the graduate faculty with respect to establishing, reviewing and modifying graduate degree programs, named options, doctoral minors, graduate/professional certificates, and capstone certificates. In Fall 2014, the Graduate School and the Graduate Executive Committee adopted a set of graduate level learning outcomes appropriate to distinguish a graduate education from the undergraduate experience. A Basic Assessment Plan for Academic Programs and the Assessment Plan Template for Graduate Programs are intended as a guide for program faculty and staff who are developing their assessment plans.

Academic programs must be reviewed at least once every ten years under University Academic Planning Council (UAPC) policy, Board of Regents policy, and federal financial aid regulations. All new academic programs must be reviewed five years after implementation. The purpose of program review is to examine strengths and challenges, to celebrate accomplishments, and to reflect on, and plan for, the future. Program review is a platform for exploring ways to maintain and enhance the academic quality of academic activities.

Graduate Program Assessment Plan Templates & Examples

Undergraduate & Graduate Certificate Programs

Capstone Certificates