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Student Learning Assessment at UW-Madison

The UW-Madison Plan for Assessing Student Learning, adopted by the University Council on Academic Affairs and Assessment (UCAAA), provides a framework for student learning assessment. UW-Madison upholds the philosophy that student learning assessment should be an integrated, ongoing component of academic life and the student experience. The university promotes learning assessment across students' educational experiences, both within and outside of the classroom. UW-Madison student learning assessment efforts are guided by the following principles:

  • Many of the regular activities of academic life are evaluative; when approached from a systematic perspective, they are forms of assessment.
  • Student learning assessment supplements and supports (rather than replaces) curricular, departmental, and other types of ongoing review for program evaluation and improvement.
  • Student learning assessment informs curricular decision-making  especially at the course and program level where the learning experience is most immediate.
  • Student learning assessment is ongoing, periodic and iterative.
  • Collaboration between academic departments and co-curricular programs is strongly encouraged to identify and align opportunities for assessing student learning across the Wisconsin Experience.