Academic Policies and Guidelines

The following sections cover a wide variety of important academic policies and guidelines. Additional campus policies and legislation can be found through the Secretary of the Faculty, the Secretary of the Academic Staff, the Office of Human Resources and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.


Academic Calendaring

Academic Planning

Find academic planning policies about centers and institutes, certificate programs, program reviews, degrees/majors options and more.

Diversity and Inclusion

Federal Compliance

Information Technology

Find IT policies about copyright infringement, access control, web accessibility, passwords, storage and encryption, data classification and more.

Safety, Health and Wellness




View the full, official list of Faculty Policies and Procedures.


Staff - Academic and University

View the full, official list of Academic Staff Policies and Procedures.

For more information about University Staff policies and procedures, visit the University Staff Shared Governance website.


Teaching and Learning

View more academic planning policies.