About the Program

The Chancellor’s Scholarship Program is a highly selective merit-based program for undergraduates pursuing any major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Chancellor’s Scholars are enthusiastic learners, budding researchers, and agents of educational, social, and political change. They pursue personal and academic excellence as undergraduates and cultivate an experience that is highly  meaningful, rewarding, and unique.


In addition to providing Scholars with a substantial financial award, the program’s components allow Scholars to build meaningful relationships with faculty, staff, and peers in the campus community.

The Award

Chancellor’s Scholars who consistently meet program expectations will benefit from:

  • A full tuition scholarship (resident/non-resident)
  • A $400.00 book stipend each semester

The Program Components

Program components complement the financial award and provide significant experiences which enhance Scholars’ personal and academic success. Individual appointments, class and monthly meetings, volunteer service and other events directly connect Scholars to the campus community and promote further exploration of the abundant wealth that the university offers.


Program Scholars benefit from:

  • On-going academic advising and individual support services by program staff
  • Faculty/staff mentor pairings
  • Leadership skills development opportunities
  • Monthly meetings  with scholarship class
  • Monthly program meetings
  • Volunteer service and social events
  • Celebrations that promote intercultural understanding

Program Expectations

The program’s financial award is renewable for up to four years pending
satisfaction of the following expectations:

  • Maintain status as a full-time student
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA above 3.0
  • Active participation in program activities/events
  • Be an intellectually inquisitive and engaged learner in the academic community
  • Be a good citizen of the university community
  • Uphold the program’s philosophy of “Excellence in Scholarship,
    Leadership, and Service”

Note: Components and expectations for the Chancellor’s and Powers-Knapp Scholarship Program are identical and the financial awards are comparable.

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