About the University Assessment Council

The University Assessment Council (UAC) is convened by and reports to the provost. It is the coordinating resource for assessment-related efforts on campus. The UAC is composed of appointed faculty and staff representatives from the schools and colleges and from administrative and functional units that support assessment practices. The mission of the UAC is to:

  1. Connect people who are actively involved in assessment in academic units with resources that are available for assessment and to help units maximize the use of shared tools and resources;
  2. Serve as a cross-campus forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and advice on methods and practices of assessment;
  3. Keep the university community apprised of expectations for assessment, including expectations related to our regional accreditation;
  4. Advise the provost on matters related to assessment and evaluation;
  5. Assure the implementation of the University's assessment plan, and to periodically evaluate and revise the University assessment plan; and
  6. Work with those who engage in assessment activities to help them understand (or enhance) their activities.

Membership: 2011–12, 2010–11, 2009–10, 2008–09, 2007–08, 2006–07, 2005–06, 2004–05, 2003–04, 2002–03, 2001–02.

UAC Reports: 2011-12, 2009–10, 2008–09, 2007–08, 2006–07, 2005–06, 2004–05, 2003–04, 2002–03.

Assessment Workshop Series

2005–06 Workshops: Program and Handouts.

2004–05 Assessment Brown Bag Workshop Series Poster, details and materials.

2003 Assessment Workshop: What Works at UW–MadisonProgram and workshop materials.

2002 Assessment Workshop: Assessment of Student Services Guidebook and workshop materials.