Assessment of Academic Programs and Student Outcomes

At UW–Madison, we recognize that assessment of learning should be an integrated, ongoing component of academic life and the student experience. We recognize that student learning takes place both within and outside of the classroom, and we promote assessment of student learning across our students’ educational experiences.

Through the Wisconsin Experience, we seek to develop in our students the ability to engage in the world, to be creative problem solvers, to integrate empirical analysis and passion, to seek out and create new knowledge and technologies, and to adapt to new situations.

The Wisconsin Experience, in combination with the Essential Learning Outcomes (ELOs) serve as an overarching framework that provides a way to structure, evaluate, and improve the learning experience of our students across all of our programs.

The Office of the Provost, the University Assessment Council, and the schools and colleges jointly are responsible for assessment initiatives. These units collaborate to support assessment programming, and to ensure that assessment is being used for program improvement. This website is intended for department chairs, program faculty and staff, and others at UW–Madison who engage in assessment activities.

Contact: Mo Noonan Bischof, Assistant Vice Provost and University Assessment Co-Chair, Office of the Provost,, 608-265-4413. Mo consults with schools/colleges and departments on assessment planning, assessment initiatives, resources and assessment fund proposal development. She coordinates assessment activities at the unit and institutional levels to ensure that assessment of student learning is being used for program and curricular improvements.